Just landed: EE001 – Jams F. Kennedy’s “A Heart-Breaking Work of Swagger & G Ness”

Just landed: EE001 – Jams F. Kennedy’s “A Heart-Breaking Work of Swagger & G Ness”
Earnest Endeavours.

We proudly present the first audio outing on the label.

Available on the 19th January at the launch party. Or, if you can’t wait / make it down – mail us directly. Full stockist info coming soon.

Recorded by Jams in NYC, curated & mixed by Patchwork Pirates in LDN, engineered by Bobby Evans in LA.
Jams “A Heart-Breaking Work of Swagger & G Ness”

Jams F. Kennedy – A Heart-Breaking Work of Swagger & G Ness by Earnest Endeavours

01. Intro – Jams F. Kennedy
02. Drama – Widows
03. Jams vs. Gemmy – Jams F. Kennedy
04. Don’t Start None (Boom Bip Remix) – Widows
05. Jams vs. Hudson Mohawke – Jams F. Kennedy
06. Find Your Way – Superisk
07. Jams vs. Guido – Jams F. Kennedy
08. Issey Miyake – Salva
09. Move – devonwho
10. Jams vs. Dizz1 – Jams F. Kennedy
11. LAX – Widows
12. Jams vs. Bobby Valentino – Jams F. Kennedy
13. Live & Direct – The Works feat. Jams F. Kennedy
14. Jams vs. B Bravo – Jams F. Kennedy
15. Us – Nosaj Thing
16. Room Temperature Liquid Plastic – Mushen
17. Jams vs. B Bravo – Jams F. Kennedy
18. Oil Fields – Mono/Poly
19. Orchid – Widows
20. Jams vs. Juice Aleem vs. Si Begg – Jams F. Kennedy
21. Orion’s Belt Buckle – Free The Robots
22. Mahjongg – Charles Trees
23. Jams vs. Flying Lotus – Jams F. Kennedy
24. Why Like This? – Teebs
25. Unsigned Hype – Widows
26. Glut – Ramadanman
27. Step 2 Funk – DVA
28. 7.62 – Widows
29. Outro – Jams F. Kennedy

* JAMS cover portrait by Jiro
* JAMS press shot by Shaniqwa Jarvis
* Sleeve designed by James Hamilton
* All Earnest Endeavours logos and type by Aerosyn-Lex
* Sleeve hand-screenprinted by EE at Hit+Run Los Angeles
* 100% PCW recycled chipboard from Stumptown Printers Worker Cooperative Inc. Portland, Oregon

There once was a rap group from Los Angeles called Brother Reade. One DJ and one MC, the regular rap group dynamics. This rap group had an insane debut record that even Pitchfork liked (they gave said album, “Rap Music” a 7.4). The same group supported Wu-Tang and The Clipse, yet grew up performing with No Age and Mika Miko at The Smell. This rap group share a practice space in Downtown LA with Warpaint (but never got signed to Rough Trade). They appeared in their friends’ videos (like Neon Neon) and their first video was directed by RJ Shaughnessy.

These guys founded (arguably) the first ever dubstep night in LA called Moon Dog – granted, it was at a former transvestite strip club in east LA. These are the same guys who played live rap shows with just / only / solely two drum kits and a couple of microphones. This rap group are fucking amazing.

That was Brother Reade – Jams. F. Kennedy and Bobby Evans. Now they’re Widows, and still Jams F. Kennedy and Bobby Evans.

Jams F. Kennedy:

“Rap, since the beginning, has never been a sound. It was always a method. It never requires more than two steps.
1: Listen to the wildest new music where there are people there to hear it.
2: Interject vocally.

Much is made beyond these two principles about “real rap”, but the resulting “orthodox” artists that follow this obsession are trying to fossilize something that is inherently dynamic. Good luck with that. If you stay loyal to the generally accepted sound of rap, then you betray the method.

A Heart-Breaking Work of Swagger and G Ness is orthodox because it’s loyal to rap’s method – the method of finding the best music around and “interjecting vocally” – gladly betraying, undermining, and straying from whatever else doesn’t fit. Out with the old, in with the new new…”