Our Nest Vol. 1 label compilation out now

Our Nest Vol. 1 label compilation out now
SelfSays, Darkhouse Fam, The Insomniax, Widows, B. Bravo, J Todd, mfp, KiEnRa.

We proudly present the label’s first compilation and one where we’ve gone proper Bobby Digital available via Bandcamp with Pay What you Want and / or Pay With a Tweet. The zip includes 320 MP3s, GIF artwork and a full inlay with profiles on all the artists featured on Our Nest Vol. 1.

1. SelfSays – This Year
2. Darkhouse Family – Frosted Flakes
3. The Insomniax – Daydreaming
4. Widows – Live Like Lions
5. B. Bravo – Swang
6. The Insomniax – I Saw Her
7. J Todd – Centimeter
8. Widows – 7.62
9. mfp – Light-Minded
10. SelfSays – Parting Gifts (Shigeto’s 1999 Remix)
11. KiEnRa – Nangijala

Digital design by Aerosyn-Lex

Gilles Peterson had invited us to deliver a mix for his Worldwide International show and the first attempt was a super tight, yet straight down the line mix of bangers that were in constant rotation for that month – a mix of inspiration tracks and untitled MP3 heaters we’d dug deep from the cosmos, mixed by the mighty Alex Patchwork.

But for some reason it just didn’t feel right, so we canned it. We decided to focus inwards on the Earnest Endeavours worldwide fam, all the artists that we wanted to support and had been making plans to collaborate and release their re- cords over the past two years/next two years. With the initial tracklist down, we were hyped that EE reps Tokyo to Detroit, Cardiff to Tartu, Los Angeles to San Francisco, New York and of course London. A diverse collective of artists making mu- sic that is some of the most exciting and inspiring – to us. The mix was a snapshot. “Our Nest Vol. 1” takes it further with new ideas, unheard and unreleased music from the fam. The inspiration – breaking down barriers and messing up heads.