Introducing The Insomniax

Introducing The Insomniax
Love She Wants.

We’re super proud to present our newest signings to Earnest Endeavours, representing our inspired hometown of London, The Insomniax. South London born and bred, The Insomniax are Kai Gama and DSV (Dr. Sydney Velvet), two hugley talented and wildly creative multi-instrumentalists, DJs, producers and vocalists who first appeared on our “Our Nest Vol. 1″ compilation with two standout tracks. Get your mitts on The Insomniax’s “Daydreaming” and “I Saw Her” from the free compilation over at our Bandcamp page.

We’ve been working with Kai and DSV for about a year and we’re stoked to announce the release of their debut EP for EE on 17th September, the epic and cinematic “Love She Wants”. Alternating between poetic, dreamy rapping and soulful singing, their evocative lyrics capture detailed snapshots of moments in time, whilst musically the material reaches out beyond its hip hop foundations to touch on dub, bashment and electronic soul. Fresh. 

Much more news to come… first up a teaser of the EP including the first single, “Friday Comes”.

EE004: The Insomniax – Love She Wants EP // Teaser by Earnest Endeavours

Shouts to Steph and Ansel and the whole Insomniax family

Photography by Teddy Fitzhugh

Let’s talk about the “Love She Wants” EP.

KAI: We hear it all the time, females are like: “Where are all the good guys at?” You know… they’re beautiful, successful but they’re single. We wanted to comment on some age old themes like love, romance and the understanding the opposite sex. That habit that human beings have of projecting our own issues and misconceptions onto other people. And then that illusion that we’ve projected becoming the root of the dysfunction in our relationships. Change starts with yourself. The power of one. And we dreamt of the story in “Love She Wants” being something that people would be able to identify with and recognise.

And this came from a screenplay you wrote too?
KAI: We wrote a screenplay at the same time as writing the EP. We wanted to create a project that was as cinematic as was humanly possible. We wanted to bring people closer to the lyrics, to each specific moment. We wanted people to be able to imagine the smell of the nightclub where that performance takes place, and space and décor of the apartment that they have the argument in.

How did you hook up with Roses Gabor “Friday Comes”?
DSV: Roses is like family and we’re always sending songs and files back and forth, so I sent her the idea, and she liked it, and I said to her come down and just vibe with us, She came and chilled, and we came up with the vibe. We’ve worked together a lot, so it was a very natural thing.

Can you introduce your creative approach to production?

DSV: It’s feeling based, rather than leading with aesthetics first. We deal with communication of emotions and energies. Utilising everything that has gone before us and using it all as material, like colours, texture and shade in the palette to enhance the picture. And it’s the re-organisation and restructuring of those colours that creates a unique picture. We always try to affect and impact the listener emotionally whether it’s inspiring them, or infusing them with euphoria. Or even a more melancholic emotion that we leave them with, as long as it’s somewhere very definite on the emotional spectrum.

How are you inspired by London?

KAI: London is the place that we were born and raised. Although it is far from being perfect harmony, London does have a functioning multiculturalism that is perfect for creating amazing art. And these art forms, and musical sub-genres grow out of particular geographic areas and… because they make sense, they spread and grow and influence the whole planet.

When I look at west London as the birth place of broken beat, east London giving us grime, and Croydon giving us dubstep. That is magical, within like what, a 50 mile radius? You can’t front on the fact that it’s been successive waves of immigrants, and then their descendants mixing with each other socially and then musically and creatively. We’ve got all those influences from across the world right there for us at our feet. London is magical for music.

What does the term Poetic Soundsystem mean to you?
DSV: The Poetic Soundsystem is the performance element of The Insomniax. It is a description of what we do and what we represent. It speaks of the dub poetry of our parent’s generation that is our heritage, re-invented.