Live Like Lions for Channel 4 Random Acts

Live Like Lions for Channel 4 Random Acts
An Earnest Endeavours short film.

Directed by Terence Teh and produced by Carlos Carneiro of London Sessions, Live Like Lions is a portrait of collaboration and DIY culture, juxtaposing three music duos and emerging artists on the Earnest Endeavours label: Widows (Bobby Evans and Jimmy Jams) from Los Angeles, Darkhouse Fam (Don Leisure and Metabeats) from Cardiff and The Insomniax (Kai Gama and DSV) from London.

Featuring an exclusive score by Bobby Evans and original spoken word verses by Jimmy Jams and Kai Gama, the Live Like Lions project will come full circle with a forthcoming free digital EP by Bobby Evans featuring music from the short film with The Insomniax and Darkhouse Fam.

Thanks to Freddie Janssen and all at Protein who helped make this happen.

Premiered on Channel 4 for Random Acts & Dazed Vision